September 2011


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Minecraft - Falling in Love Again

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I just read Brendon Keogh's article  at about the Minecraft video game.  It's an awesome article that really digs deep into the MineCraft 1.8 relase (Slated for 11/11/11). 

Brendon talks about how the game now feels more complete.  The lastest update includes things like an updated menu, the hunger bar, the abilty to sprint, block and hit.  Actual use of the Bow to shoot arrows with a zoom feature.  The creation of new biomes and environmental elements that make the player want to explore more.

Maybe it's best explained in this paragraph,

All these improvements (and many others I haven’t mentioned) combine in brand new possibilities. My most breathtaking moment so far was finding a giant gorge at the bottom of the ocean. I almost drowned in my repeated attempts to get to it before popping out into a long, deep, slither of a cavern with waterfalls cascading down the ocean walls. I explored for hours, got lost in an abandoned mine, and was dreadfully aware that just ‘digging up’ to the surface was not an option for getting out of here. Many hours later, half dead from hunger and barely surviving off rancid zombie flesh, I found my way back to the cavern. Looking up, I could just see the surface of the ocean and my little boat floating atop it. But closer, in the darkness, were eyes, lots of eyes, blinking and looking at me. I hadn’t been so terrified in a videogame since, well, since the first time I played Minecraft.

It's a great article, check it out.

Minecraft Beta 1.8 ImagesMinecraft Beta 1.8 Imges

Mary and Dad Survive Minecraft

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Mary and Dad descend into the depths. What will they discover? Can they survive the dangers that await them?

The series: Mary and Dad try to survive on a seemingly deserted island after they wash up on a nearby reef.

Could anyone else have survived?

Where will they go? What will they do? And how did they wind up here in the first place?

Watch and find out!


The Long Jump in Minecraft

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One of the cool new features in Minecraft update 1.8 is the ability to jump! 
This short video clip displays the distance you can jump while sprinting in the Minecraft "Adventure Update."

You start sprinting by double-tapping forward and then keep on holding forward.