Minecraft Mods

This Minecraft mod adds 13 iPods to the game. They are currently a complete waste of resources, but will soon be able to play music when right clicked. The iPods include: A basic iPod, an iPod for every music disc, and a Rainbow iPod(which will play a random song). It also adds an iPad, an iPod Touch, and an iSword, which has the same properties as Diamond but looks cooler.


Found a video on how to make your own Minecraft Game videos like all of the ones on Youtube.  The company's name is EZVid

Published on Jul 20, 2012

DOWNLOAD EZVID RIGHT NOW: http://ezvid.com/


Short Minecraft Helicopter Mod posted by .  This is a cool Minecraft video of a 'homemade' helictoper attacking a naval destroyer with missles.  Extremely imaginative use of the Helicopter mod in Minecraft.

Here is what has to say about his video:

Found a great Minecraft Gun Mod video.  The Minecraft video was posted by .

You can download the Minecraft Gun Mod here:

This is a great Minecraft Gun Mod.  This Minecraft Video was uploaded by and he does a great job explaining what is needed to be uploaded to run the Portal Gun Mod.



Here is a great Minecraft Gun Mod Video by .  In the Minecraft tutorial, he talks about the Minecraft Gun mod by Heuristick.

Here is the Minecraft Extended Boat Mod.  It can be downloaded here:  http://www.minecraftdl.com/extended-boat-mod/

The extended boats mod is a cool yet unique mod which gives boats more features in Minecraft.

Duckuack created a mod that allow for more Building Block types.  Having more Building Block types allows users to make more interesting and visually pleasing structures.  See the table below for some of the new block types.  Also in the works are Mud blocks, concrete, Light/Dark Smoother stone, Meat block and anything you suggest that Duckuack deems worthy! 

Minecraft Helicopter Mod ImageTheoxylo officially released the Minecraft Helicopter Mod on November 4, 2011.  Click here for his forum post.  Click Here to download the Minecraft Helicopter Mod.