Minecraft Extended Boat Mod

Here is the Minecraft Extended Boat Mod.  It can be downloaded here:  http://www.minecraftdl.com/extended-boat-mod/

The extended boats mod is a cool yet unique mod which gives boats more features in Minecraft.

The first feature you will notice is you can dye each boat any colour in Minecraft you simply place your boat into a crafting table and then place one colour dye to the left of your boat to craft it the selected colour. When you place one of these boats into water they may change to a special boat which you cant craft. For example a cactus boat or a cake boat.


You can also craft 4 other boats, a speed and motor boat which travel faster in water. A ice breaker boat which breaks ice and can be used in the snow biomes.

The 4th boat is the best. The stunt boat in this boat you can jump, really high!!

How to Install Extended Boat Mod v2 for Minecraft 1.1

  1. Download ModLoader
  2. Download the Extended Boat Mod
  3. Open .minecraft / bin
  4. Open minecraft.jar
  5. Delete the META INF
  6. Drag the mod loader files into .jar
  7. Drag the extended boats zip into .minecraft/ mods
  8. Done!