Minecraft Helicopter Mod

Minecraft Helicopter Mod ImageTheoxylo officially released the Minecraft Helicopter Mod on November 4, 2011.  Click here for his forum post.  Click Here to download the Minecraft Helicopter Mod.

Check out our Minecraft Helicopter Mod page for video tutorials. 

Here are the details from Theoxylo's release notes:
Just copy the zip file to your '.minecraft/mods' directory and start Minecraft normally (full Minecraft and ModLoader required).

After running at least once, check out the options in file '.minecraft/mods/mod_thx.options' for controls and other settings (see below for annotated listing).

Please keep in mind that this is an early release of a mod still under construction. Even though no corruption issues have been reported, please back-up your worlds before using (always a good idea). Multi-player is not supported and has not been tested in any way. Please make sure that Minecraft and ModLoader are working properly before installing this mod -- see log ouput in .minecraft/ModLoader.txt

There is a lot of discussion and good ideas at the original request topic:

The latest version support skins. Just modify this file and replace in the mod zip:

Finally, this is an open source project and anybody is free to participate:

Happy flying!


The current crafting recipe is very cheap and simple -- build a boat and add a roof (rotor assembly)!


v015: now for use with Minecraft 1.1 with ModLoader

v014: still for use with Minecraft and ModLoader 1.0.0
v014: added altitude lock as suggested by Gabbiman (default key P)
v014: added HUD/camera mode where model is hidden (default key C)
v014: added windshield to model with transparancy effects
v014: added helicopter skin improved by vip3r

v013: still for use with Minecraft and ModLoader 1.0.0
v013: fixed NPE crash on AI fire weapon

v012: for use with Minecraft and ModLoader 1.0.0
v012: enabled separate textures for all model faces
v012: replaced hud mode with in-game look-pitch control (key L)
v012: changed 3rd-person weapon aim to vehicle based
v012: added logic to separate rear-view control (hold U key)
v012: now preserving view mode when entering/exiting
v012: extended auto-level function to look-pitch mode (key K)
v012: removed disappearing floor logic
v012: removed heavy weapons option


Aiming: when in 1st-person mode, you can aim rockets and missiles using the cursor, but in 3rd-person mode, they are now fired in the direction of the helicopter, which makes it much more challenging (and therefore less OP).

Maps: Hover and press 'o' (default key) to create (and catch) a map of your current area. If you lose this map, you can create another copy (including your explored progress) by creating another one while in the same area.


# These are stored in .minecraft/mods/mod_thx.options
# please restart the game to apply changes

# The default controls are meant to utilize existing Minecraft defaults
# please customize to your liking

# helicopter cyclic (basic WASD move controls)

# helicopter collective (throttle, up/down, jump/sneak)

# helicopter rudder (rotate/turn right/left) only useful when
# enable_drone_mode=true OR enable_look_yaw=false - see below

# toggles pitch mode and briefly displays
# world corrdinates and altitude (measured in blocks)

# exits the helicopter 1.9 blocks to the left - use with caution while flying!
# also used to cut power when in drone (RC) mode

# fires a powerful missile that will take out a few stone blocks and up to
# 27 weaker blocks - useful for mining, landscaping, combat, hunting

# fires a weak but fast rocket, hold for burst up to 12 before reloading

# quickly returns pitch to zero - useful with full throttle to avoid crash

# always allow helicopter to naturally return to zero pitch automatically
# seting this to false engages an auto-pilot mechanism to hold pitch constant

# returns throttle to zero when not actively ascending or descending
# if you disable, your rotor speed will indicate the current throttle

# puts the helicopter into RC remote-control/drone mode - make sure to map
# rudder/rotate controls since pilot look will not control pitch or yaw

# use pilot look to set helicopter yaw/rotation/rudder/steering

# include a moving rotor with the model
# rotor speed varies with throttle - the visual effect is highly
# dependent upon framerate, so experiment to find a pleasant result
# or disable if all else fails
# set rotors relative speed

# work-around for Mo'Creatures ModLoader gui.png override bug

# hold for rear view

# create map for current area

# keep helicopter at current altitude, press again to unlock

# switch to hud/camera mode where model is hidden


If you would like to change the appearance of the helicopter, you can modify or replace the file 'helicopter.png'. Please post your designs and image files on the forum topic!