Minecraft introduce splitscreen mode for Xbox

Submitted by minecraftmike on Wed, 03/14/2012 - 22:14

According to Microsoft, XBLA Minecraft is all set to introduce a four-player split-screen mode, that will allow groups of fans to work together on their building projects. Online gamers can also look forward to a multi-player split-screen mode, that allows up to eight people to play and work together.

Fans can expect the new multi-player component to be based around the PC game's Survival Mode, and will require groups to work together and create inhabitable structures. It is a nice alternative to solitary games of Minecraft, Poker or RPG single-player console games.

The multi-player mode will differ from alternative games. If you want to play in a group, both the online and split-screen options are confined to your Friends Lists. Therefore you won't be able to craft a brand new world with a random group of strangers, like you can in World of Warcraft etc.

Roger Carpenter, the lead producer says: "This is to keep it all friendly and non-destructive. That was a request from Mojang - to make it that kind of experience."
How is it going to work? One player will take command of each map, and will have the power to make it available to other groups of friends. "Whoever hosts the map is the owner. Everyone else joins and the game stores all their data so they can easily return," says Carpenter.

You will also find the inventory and crafting interfaces have been updated. A handy menu will allow players to select objects to craft, and will inform them of its function, and how to construct it. Carpenter has also hinted that the XBLA version of Minecraft may also have Avatar customisation options.

There is not an exact release date for the new conversion. All we know is that it will drop Spring 2012. Can't wait.